The Spirit Of Unity Is Knocking At Our Hearts

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: What does it mean to be inspired by the group?

Answer: To be inspired means to open your eyes, ears, all five of your senses, and most importantly, the inner sense—“the point in the heart” in order to feel the spirit that exists in the group.

When I come up to the roof where you are working now and preparing the equipment for the convention, I feel that there is a certain spirit, some common force that is engaged in preparing for a spiritual ascent.

The fact is that this is joint work, joint aspiration, anticipation of and preparation for a great, powerful gathering, for which there are no analogous equals in the world according to strength, power, and level of ascent. Approximately ten thousand people will go through enormous spiritual ascent over these three days; they will place themselves under the influence of the upper Light. We should try to feel that we are in the group using all the strings of our soul; we should try to be in that spirit, in that common force that is present there.

Actually, independent of us, our group already has its own, common component—an integral that includes us all. However, each of us needs to perform a slight effort and dissove in this. When a person is able to do this, he will feel this state.

For this purpose, a week ago we went to the desert and attempted to carry our our first unification there. As I felt, it was very successful. Many people who have been working on themselves, studying and implementing Kabbalah for many years, for the first time felt that there is some spiriutal component, which we can find among us, in our unity.

It has already been revealed between us, and now we need to try to find it. Now everything depends on how much we will try to constantly be in this state—in the single force of the group. Precisely by delving into it, we will feel the upper force, the Creator, and in unification with Him we will begin to feel the upper world. All this is the next stage, which is very close. In this regard, everything depends on the inner, emotional effort of a person.
Fundamentals of Kabbalah Lesson 11/27/11

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