The Only Way To Enter The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanRabash, “Love of Friends” (abridged version): The only way to enter the spiritual world and obtain a new sensation is for a few people to get together who have a small desire to exit their egoism. However, they can’t do it independently without help from outside. Even if they try to get together to connect, they can’t. In order for them to be able to connect, they need the influence of the general Light. Since the Light comes from the One, Unique, and Unified, it unites our desires into a single desire. Each person senses a unified creation where we merge in our desires, and the Light fulfills us.

Each one of them has the potential to reveal the quality of bestowal, but they can’t realize it in action. However, each of them enters the group. If each person who enters the group lowers himself before the group by accepting its conditions, then this group becomes a single body, a single desire.

Do all that’s in our power and redemption will come in an instant from Above, as soon as we exert a certain amount of effort in uniting. The main thing that we are faced with today is the unity of friends. Our only goal is to obtain such unity, effort, and intention between us so that this would attract the Light’s influence, and the Light will complete the work by uniting us. Exert more and more effort in this matter for it will redeem all of your shortcomings. Ultimately, when you all unite, you become similar to the Light.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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