The Need To Change Mentality

Opinion: (Alain de Benoist, a French philosopher and political scientist, from “A market economy is based on constant growth: more production, consumption, and profit. It cannot stop growing because then it will collapse. This mentality was forced upon people: work harder, consume more, and have a higher profit.

“This is the logic of capitalism: increase capital by any means. Material resources are limited, so the problem of the growth limit arises. This is an ecological limit: Economic growth can lead to an environmental disaster….

“Consequently, the crisis will be global. It will go beyond economics and finance and change the world completely. We must rethink our economic principles and make a clear division between private and state, public, economy. We need more ideas and the decolonization of thoughts as the economy is already deeply ingrained in the very mentality of people.”

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  1. The main issue in our thinking is ‘garbage / trash’ mentality. I take from somewhere else, use, then discard to somewhere else. This is a locally linear process within us, when in reality continuity (existence from existence) demands that nothing disappears. In reality we are constantly cycling resources in and out, and nature cycles them to achieve stability. Observe the Nitrogen cycle, oxygen cycle, water cycle etc.

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