The “Hostel” Of The Upper World

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is the point of unity situated between spiritual and physical unity? Or does physical unity not exist at all?

Answer: Physical unity makes no difference here. When we meet, we constantly subconsciously search for this point within us. Now we will begin to work with this and will understand it.

It was important to reach the state of our point of contact. Now, when it has been achieved, we just need to develop it. And even those who have not reached it can come to feel this contact since it’s already our common acquisition.

Now we just have to broaden this point in spite of all the obstacles. We need to understand that the obstacles are meant precisely in order to broaden it, to make it grow. I hope that over the next few months we will form the first ten Sefirot from it. And that will be the first demonstration of our soul.

In these ten Sefirot we’ll begin to feel the forces, plan, flow, and the entrance and exit of the Light. We’ll begin to feel all the movements in them like in a live organism, and we’ll begin to live our common inner life. A soul, rather than just a point of contact, will emerge within us. The Creator created one creature, and each of us will begin to feel himself or herself in it. In other words, it will be our “hostel.”

And gradually we’ll start to perceive our physical bodies as something that accompanies us. The broadening of the point of unity, the expansion of this higher quality will begin to prevail over everything to such an extent that we practically will not associate ourselves with our bodies. We’ll perceive ourselves as living only in the point of unity. Meanwhile, our bodies gradually will become more and more distant, irrelevant, and unneeded, until they dissolve completely as if they do not exist.
From the Sunday Virtual Lessons Series 12/11/2011

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