The Financial Industry: Living In A Lie

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: The financial sector, including the banks, the stock markets, investment firms, and others make up a great industry. In the US, for example, the financial industry makes up 8.5% of the GNP and averages 33% profit. It is accused of causing the current global crisis, and at the same time it is flourishing even today. How can that be? After all, the economy is a copy of the mutual relations among us.

Answer: This is exactly the reason that the financial industry is flourishing. It lives in a lie, and it is aware if it and doesn’t want to change anything.

Let’s take the banks for example: Can we believe them today? There is no one who is closer to bankruptcy than they are. In fact, they are already bankrupt because they lack the assets that are registered in their names. But we are still filling our bank accounts happily. Why do we believe them?

We are aware of this fallacy, and still leave everything the way it is because we love to live in a lie; we like to be deceived and to have others lie to us. This is our life: We enjoy the shell.

Question: Could it be because people have no alternative?

Answer: It is all a psychological matter. People think that a bank is a safe place even though they know it isn’t so. The lie began when the financial means were disconnected from their value in gold. Since then the banks have multiplied their “virtual” financial debts, which have no backing. They are not connected to anything that has any real value anymore.

In spirituality, “money” is a cover, a Masach (screen), the real power to overcome. The financial professionals, in contrast, have turned money into a “phantom.” This is a big mistake, but they did it on purpose in order to be superior to others.

Today everyone lives in this lie. What’s more, we’ve already discovered it, but we don’t know how to get rid of it. The lie is the crisis. How can we solve it? The whole world is surrounded by a network of wrong mutual connections and it cannot break loose. it doesn’t know what to replace it with. Without it everything will come to a halt, including the provision of basic necessities for people. So eventually we are compelled to support this false system.

So what is the solution? I am for a gradual descent, instead of a sudden fall. In the meantime, by education, we can turn this evil into something good, without totally destroying the system. If we destroy it, there will be wars and total chaos.

We don’t need a global collapse. The recognition of evil this way will really be a terrible catastrophe, so it should be done wisely. What do the billions who suffer know? They won’t understand anything and in the meantime they look for scapegoats….
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/21/11, Baal HaSulam, “The Freedom”

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