The Balance Between Inner Work And Circulation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I find the right balance between inner work and circulation? How do I keep from pulling too heavily into either side?

Answer: One’s personal advancement depends on the degree of one’s concern for others to draw closer to the point of unity and always remain in it, together.

Every one of us exits and re-enters it on a regular basis, and ultimately everyone is always working with respect to it. Out of this point, out of this “baby” of ours, we form our soul and begin to feel ourselves in it. This is our main objective, and this is our inner work.

Our external work, conversely, is aimed at circulation. Without attracting huge masses of people to ourselves, we will not be able to advance since we will remain in our egos. In other words, our ascension upward hinges only on our expansion outward.
From the Sunday Virtual Lessons Series 12/11/2011

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