Questions About What To Do On One’s Own And Physical Presence

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: We know that a person needs to humble himself and connect with the group through mutual guarantee. But what does one do when he is at home on his own? How does a person act with the correct intention when he is doing mundane things such as eating, cleaning, and so on?

Answer: Be under our influence with our channel of communication turned on.

Question: I am a 70 year-old lady. I have been studying Kabbalah for seven years now. I have some health problems, which make it very difficult for me to be away from home, drive, attend congresses, and so on. I watch you every day during the morning lesson, and since I am retired, I do translations and work with texts most of my time.

However, it bothers me that I cannot be with the group very often. Yet, I have found that many discernments and changes within me are the result of interacting with my own family. I wonder, do you think this is the correct path?

Answer: You are advancing wonderfully; continue, this will give you strength and add years to your life.

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