Our Life Has Become Longer, But Sadder

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from lastampa.il): “Italy is an aging, but healthy country, the third in Europe by life expectancy. … But there is a decrease in mental health: The use of antidepressants … has doubled over the past ten years.

“Depression comes from a deep dissatisfaction. In recent years, depression has become a real social problem.

“Society does not tolerate weakness. It is forbidden to show suffering. One must live in an artificial atmosphere of good mood. Melancholy and sadness have turned into a disease.

“The massive use of antidepressants indicates that pills are seen as the shortest way to resolve the issue, even without trying to solve it. Theoretically, the drugs should be taken in a critical situation until the recovery, but most people cannot abandon the medications and are not cured.”

My Comment: Depression is the most widely spread disease of the world, and it causes virtually all other illnesses. Our essence is egoism, therefore its emptiness, void, and dissatisfaction, is the foundation of our common condition.

A disease is the manifestation of the imbalance of the body, the system that constantly monitors its internal equilibrium. Our lack of balance between ourselves and with nature at the “human” level puts all the systems of nature out of balance: at the level of inanimate nature, the processes inside the Earth (the awakening of volcanoes, earthquakes) and on its surface (hurricanes), at the vegetative and animate levels, the extinction of species, and so on.

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