Happiness From The Point In The Heart

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do we speed up the clarification that the group is the main means for reaching the goal?

Answer: The difficult part is to feel that we need an internal revolution. The mind, ego, and pride are obscuring a person’s perception, and he is unable to realize that there is something higher than him here in this world. He got used to making decisions about everything in this life with the help of his own mind, feelings, and analysis. He’s not able to accept anything without checking it. This is the behavior of an animal or a fool, but not of a serious person.

However, then we come across things beyond our comprehension. For instance, tell me how a group is stronger than me? And why should I lose my mind and feelings there in order to get newer, more internal ones from it? I don’t know what a more internal mind from a higher dimension is.

Everyone has an internal urge and a rudiment of a spiritual vessel, but between this spark and its connection with other sparks, a huge gap of separation is felt. A person cannot imagine that there is something higher relative to him, where all of the desires unite. And this is precisely what the spiritual world is. It’s where he’ll discover his new life and change his perception of reality, after having passed through this world and connecting to the inside.

In order for a person to gradually change and correct his perception, he has to spend a lot of time under the influence of the surrounding Light that comes from the higher level, the energetic field  located above him. This is a constant, uninterrupted process, during which the Light is working upon us, and this takes years.

We don’t understand the immensity of this process, this evolution that we are going through, how many changes must happen inside of us owing to such special events as conventions or gatherings of friends. Although these affairs seem a bit primitive and not serious to us, and we don’t find any special flavor in them, we still do this again and again until we finally begin to reveal the flavor in it.

The difference is that if I receive this flavor, I’m ready to participate. But if there is no flavor, I am looking for ways to escape. So does it turn out that everything depends on the flavor, and not on whether I can rise above my desire!

Furthermore, my egoistic desire controls everything depending on whether it receives pleasure or not. Then perhaps the fact that my egoistic desire does not feel any flavor is a good sign after all? Maybe this is exactly what I need? I come into the group, and for reasons not under my control, I do things that do not give me any pleasure. And that’s why I can only participate in them with my point in the heart!

If I liked being in the group, uniting with friends, and singing together, then possibly I would have to overcome this feeling because it would simply be that I came for the sake of pleasure. But I am being helped from Above, and the flavor for this is being taken away from me. Now I can sit without any flavor and I must be thankful for this since the Creator has done half of the work for me. This is temporary since later the Creator will give me the flavor, and I’ll have to overcome it in order to sit in the group not for the sake of pleasure, but for the sake of spiritual connection.

All of these stages and states are not simple at all. A person can promise himself that he will never again miss an opportunity, and then just a moment later he can forget it. And even though he remembers that such states are being revealed to him and he knows that he should behave in another way, he is not capable of doing it. This way it is shown to him how this does not depend upon him.

This is how we gradually discover who we are relative to the upper force being revealed in this field.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/28/2011, Writings of Rabash

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