From Quavering To Bestowal

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: You say that it is necessary to be in constant worry and fear before the convention. How do we raise such a feeling inside the group?

Answer: In The Book of Zohar it is said that there are two degrees in reaching the goal of creation. The first degree is fear, but it’s not a physical, animalistic fear for oneself. It is a quavering, a worry, about whether I can reach the quality of bestowal. We have to have that specific kind of fear, to ask ourselves: “Am I ready for that? Am I capable of that? Will I be able to reach that?”

If such a fear exists in a person, he relates to the friends, the group and even perceives the world in a completely different way. He feels constant internal worry in the search for the quality of bestowal. He wants to know how to find it, how to determine it, and what it is exactly.

If he is in a constant search to find that quality of bestowal inside and outside of himself, to see its examples, he gradually reaches the quality of quavering that is required of him. Then, from the quality of quavering (his worrying about revealing bestowal to some extent, feeling it, and letting it fill him), he comes to the quality of bestowal.

Thus, a quiver is a vessel, a condition, a desire, that has to be inside of us in order for us to receive a fulfilment inside of it. But what kind of fulfilment do we get? We get the ability to give.

Nothing else is required because as soon as a true intention to bestow appears in me, the upper Light instantly becomes revealed to me, and the Creator gives me everything He has. If I want to and can bestow to Him, I begin receiving from Him to the extent of my desire, my intention to bestow. The contact between us happens in such a way that I rise above egoism, and I am working in the quality of bestowal.

The more I receive, the more I give to Him. I become filled, receiving pleasure from everything I get from the “Host.” At the same time, I feel the enormous pleasure that I invoke in Him, how He enjoys me. In this way, we please each other.

It is a wonderful state when people feel that their common actions are in pleasing one another. Such a relationship, when I do everything to please you and you do everything to please me, is called love. It doesn’t matter which one of us receives or gives physically, whose it is, and to whom it is attributed. The main thing is our intention to fill one another.

It doesn’t matter that initially, the Creator had the pleasure and I had just the desire. What counts is that we come to a state where we feel love by filling each other with pleasure. It cannot be unrequited. Love is a mutual fulfilment of one another.

We have to come to that state. Let’s try reaching it at our upcoming convention.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/6/2011

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