From A Point Of Unity To Crossing The Machsom

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: At this past convention I felt the flavor of our unity in its fullness for the first time. But this also raises the question of the mythical Machsom.

Answer: The point we have achieved is situated at the Machsom, at the transition to the next state—the ascent to the degree that we ought to achieve at the upcoming convention in New York.

Why am I accentuating a convention? In essence, it doesn’t matter when it happens, but a convention is nonetheless an impact point of sorts, when we truly unite together and are capable of achieving this.

Then this point will grow into something whole and new, into the sensation of a new world, small at first. But it will already be the first awakening in it, the sensation of being within something still subconscious and unattainable. And yet we will already feel ourselves in this new dimension and be able to determine our position and find our bearings in it. I hope that we will achieve this. Everything depends on our preparation.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 12/11/2011

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  1. Hi Rav, I’m listening to all your words now, and I’m crying to Heavens to force the Creator to listen to us and have mercy of us! and I have started doing it long before meeting kabbalah, I want to burn to save the World, and I’m trying to put all myself in the group, dissemination and study, inner and outer work! Please Rav I’m with you and with the Friends. Arvut

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