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psychology-of-integral-society_100Favorable remarks about The Psychology of the Integral Society from a leading international book reviewer:

The book The Psychology of the Integral Society written by me and Anatoly Ulianov on the need of an integral and global education to solve the crisis, received very positive commentaries in the latest edition of ForeWord magazine, the 2nd most important book reviewer in the world.

ForeWord Reviews is a print magazine and online review service that influences the choices of readers, booksellers, book buyers, publishing insiders, and librarians. Its publication reaches an audience of 20,000; and the website receives a monthly average of 150,000 unique visitors.

The Psychology of the Integral Society explains the characteristics of an integral society in which all parts contribute to the well-being and success of the society. This one, in turn, is responsible and cares for the well-being and success of its elements, thus forming the only sustainable way to live.

ForeWord Reviews writes, “As a society, we spend so much time competing and trying to get a leg up that the concept of simply working together sounds groundbreaking in itself…”

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