Escaping True Death

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Today, the New York group will be disseminating on Wall Street. How can we use this action to feel that we are “one?”

Answer: We must help each other and be together with them in our thoughts. I am very glad that there is a very strong core who always work on Wall Street. I hope that the other groups around New York and individual students will soon join this action, and that they will all unite in the end.

I hope that they will get together for the convention and will participate together with us in the same activities, forgetting all differences and personal animosity. Everything needs to be left aside as if it does not exist. However, do not cancel it out. Simply rise above the animosity, separate from it, and make a restriction over it.

During a tsunami, an earthquake, or a big fire, all the animals run together, and none of them would attack another. The main objective is escaping true death. Now, we must act the same way. Forget all the disagreements, get together, and join the convention events.

Participating in dissemination of our materials is the most important thing. We will be elevated from Above only and only by making the world understand that it needs us. If the world does not need us, we will not budge; nothing will happen with us.
From Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 11/27/2011

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