December 8, 2011, Evening

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: It is said: “The end of an action is in its initial thought.” Can you draw us a picture of the end of the last day of the convention, a complete whole picture, with the Machsom (barrier)?


December 8, 2011, Evening

I have nothing else to say.

It will be mutual guarantee fully realized between us, when we discover the system of mutual interconnection between the souls. It is already instilled in us, and we only have to discover it at its smallest level. This will be enough in order to enter the first spiritual degree and to start bestowing the Light upon the world. Thanks to this, other people will also begin to discover the wires of mutual connection between them, and so we will heal the whole world. Humanity will stop its hard and steep fall and will immediately see that there is a solution.

This is because the current crisis is actually a great opportunity to rise, and people will feel that immediately. The system of mutual connection will be revealed between them, and they will understand where the solution lies and why all this is happening.

I really hope that this is what will happen. On our part we have to add only the intention: We want to realize all that in order to become equal to the upper force, in order to repay the Host with the same goodness He wants to give us.
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/1/2011, “The Essence of Religion and Its Purpose”

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