A Wonderful Method, Patented By The Creature

Dr. Michael LaitmanAt the beginning of creation, we were in a state of perfection due to the upper Light and did not have any private desire. Now, we are returning to the same state and exist inside the upper Light due to our own desire. This desire we have acquired does not become extinguished; on the contrary, it grows.

Why does it not become extinguished, even after it becomes filled with the Light? After all, we know that when the Light fills the desire, it annuls it. Normally, when I receive what I want, I stop feeling the need for it. I have no more reason to strive for it. At first, I feel pleasure, and then it disappears: Both the desire and the pleasure do.

It is a very curious thing that the desire that we acquired does not disappear. We achieve a never-ending desire by connecting with each other.

This is because the one desire that exists in the world of Infinity has divided into a multitude of pieces. These pieces contradict each other; every piece acquires a feeling of independence and distance from the others. This is why, when we begin to connect with each other, we do not cancel our egoism. Instead, we unite above it, above all the differences.

It turns out that we keep our desires despite our connection. When everyone connects with others, each one acquires a full, common desire, the entire Malchut of the world of Infinity, the entire, infinite vessel. And this desire no longer disappears because one will always feel like he is against the rest, opposite to them. However, at the same time, he connects with them with all his heart and soul.

For now, we are unable to understand how it is possible to be simultaneously connected with the others, yet separated from them. How can both be at the same time? This is precisely what we now need to study, from the point of unity we have attained, and to build a middle line.

These two lines, the right and the left, negate one another. If they connect, the right (fulfillment) and the left (desire), they would cancel each other out. However, when they connect though the middle line, they do not become annulled because the middle line connects them and includes them inside of it.

It turns out that, even though there is desire and fulfillment, the fulfillment is accepted in the opposite desire because I want to give to others through it. When I enjoy for the sake of pleasing my neighbor, my pleasure does not end. It does not annul the desire because I am enjoying on behalf of another.

Here, the creature acquires a very special patent, a special method, an ability to increase its vessel to enormous dimensions without any fear of annulling it. The solution lies in our including ourselves in one another and thus advancing, until everyone acquires the entire infinite desire with the entire fulfillment.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 12/12/2011, Writings of Rabash

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