The Ridiculous Pride Of A Fool

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf you find yourself feeling bad, first of all, you have to understand why. The cause of all evil is the shattering that happened in our desire to receive pleasure, after which that desire began working for its own sake.

I have to learn all of that. If I work in the group and do so in the right way, I reveal that there is no other hostile force in reality besides my own ego that gets in the way of everything I do and doesn’t let me enjoy life.

This is what humanity is gradually revealing now. There is no other evil besides the ego. It is the cause of suffering in the world.

I reveal all of this only under condition that I try to connect with others and see that I don’t wish to. And then I discover that “the Creator created the evil inclination” and I realize: “Aha, it’s the Creator who did all of this”….

In other words, I have to connect everything to Him, and that’s not easy. I have to realize He deliberately arranged all evil for me and did it so cruelly and cunningly in order for me to reveal that I depend on Him completely. He as if tells me: “You should come and bow before me, and if you ask nicely, I’ll correct that evil for you. But if you don’t, you’ll receive it, portion after portion, more and more each time, until you have no other choice but to bow.”

We have to realize that our egoistic desire is greater than our ego, greater than our pride. Were it the other way around, we would beat ourselves to death but wouldn’t be able to bow. The salvation is in our egoistic desire that grows out of the still, vegetative, and animate levels. Under the blows, it constantly becomes lower in terms of its quality.

I ascend in my desires to the very top and suddenly receive a blow. After that I no longer aim so high and become more modest. Then I receive another blow and bow a little bit more. Thus, blow after blow, I become smarter and start looking around: Who is hitting me all the time, who is above me?

As a result, I reduce my desires to the extent of feeling myself as a dependent, miserable, and intimidated animal. The desire to receive pleasure is the substance of creation. Everything else is just an addition to it that derives from equivalence of form with the Creator or the lack thereof.

Thus, our pride disappears under the blows and only the animate desire remains. When I reach such a state, I’m ready to bow my head; I am ready to ask. My foolish pride is gone.

The question now is only whether I happen to be clever enough to realize that I’m really an animal and all of my prideful self-conceit is a deceit. I have to forgo it in advance, lower myself, and ask the Creator for correction. Correction is in Him taking power over me by my request. If I come to such a request, that’s my prayer. There is no other prayer.

That requires a lot of strength and support from the friends. After all, if you can lower yourself before them, they will give you strength to lower yourself before the Creator, multiplied many times. By that, you accelerate time, reduce blows, and instead of them bring the mind to advance with.

If you lower yourself a little bit before the group, or as Rabash writes, make a zero (0) out of yourself and make one (1) out of the group and put it in front of you, you’ll turn into “10.” If you make two zeros out of yourself, you’ll turn into “100,” meaning you’ll receive 100 times more strength.

This is how great the strength you receive from the environment is if you lower yourself before it even a little bit. The smaller you make yourself, the more strength you get from the environment in terms of advancing towards the Creator. It’s an inverse relationship.

By that, you save a lot of time and spare yourself life cycles full of suffering, wars, and grave problems. This is what all the work is about.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, TES

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