The Convention Awakens Life Within Us

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe Reshimot (informational genes) get activated, and desire, life, awakens in me. So, why do many students fall asleep during the lesson and lose interest? Where is their desire? After all, everything depends on our desire, and our desire depends on the Light.

The Light moves away, as it is written: “Hide not Thy face far from me.” And to the extent that the Light retreats, a person gradually falls asleep, until he finally dies. Everything depends on the extent of the distancing of the Light. We are only the result of the influence of the Light.

Therefore, there is just one action and means to influence us: the correct environment. Through it, we awaken the Light. Then, we will be ready for its influence, and our advancement will be faster, welcome, and pleasant.

We are drawing closer to bestowal all the time, to the point when we become similar to the Creator and merge with Him, with all His attributes. If we are within our egoism unconsciously and, without any preliminary preparation, need to receive the influence of the Light that advances us to bestowal, all stages of our development occur through suffering.

Our life is sweetened a bit just seldom, in childhood, when our advancement comes without blows on the way. In this way, nature helps us and lets us advance through the Light of Hassadim (Mercy). However, usually, we are pushed from behind toward advancement through blows and suffering.

If you prepare yourself to receive the future forms of development as desirable (since each new form is greater bestowal), then these future forms won’t appear to you as great darkness. This is similar to that same darkness and uncertainty that you feel now when you are in a descent.

However, even in the darkness, you won’t consider it a descent. The night (“Orta” in Aramaic) is the opposite side of the Light (Ohr), from which I now move to the right side, as it is written: “The night shineth as the day.” Everything depends on your preparation. Then, you relate to the same stages with understanding, awareness, and desire, and we can go through them faster.

You grasp these stages quickly. You need to stay at each state until you process it and feel that you must pass to the next one. Reshimot from the next level will begin to awaken in you. This is how we advance.

Let us hope that thanks to the preparation for the convention and during the convention itself, we will attain the great Light, process a lot of Reshimot, and build the Kli (vessel) on a spiritual level. This is really in our hands.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/2011, TES

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