Let Us Awaken Ourselves By The Light

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: To what extent can the convention awaken the dormant informational genes (Reshimot) in a person?

Answer: We can only awaken our informational genes (Reshimot) due to the influence of the environment. Without the influence of the environment, the Reshimot awaken according to the driving force of natural development, which pushes us from behind through suffering, according to nature’s evolution. Everything arrives, as they say, “in its time (Beito).”

However, if instead of evolving at a natural pace we want to accelerate time (Achishena) and hasten our development through our efforts, then we need to draw the Light upon us. The stronger the Light, the faster our Reshimot awaken. And thus we advance faster.

The Light illuminates us from Above, and the Reshimot react to it and awaken from below. We can influence the Light by arousing it, and then it also awakens our Reshimot faster. This is our entire work; we are unable to do anything else.

From this we can understand that the convention can be a very effective means to awaken the Surrounding Light that reforms. If all of us want to reach our future state, the state of mutual guarantee and bestowal, then the great Light that is attracted by this desire will awaken the Reshimot in us. In this way we will accelerate our development.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/6/2011, TES

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