The Only Salvation

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can we connect the scheme of the universe that we have been studying in our lesson with making a decision about going to the convention in December?

Answer: Essentially, the structure of the universe holds the answer to all our questions.

When we unite our broken souls, we rise to the world of Atzilut. Our attempts to unite draw the upper Light of correction to shine upon us. It exists above the Parsa. It is impossible to receive the Light below the Parsa. Our only salvation is to rise to the world of Atzilut through common unity. Therefore, participation in the convention is an occasion to rise above the Parsa and sense the upper world.

You can invite all people to the convention, those who are distant or close to Kabbalah and mutual guarantee. The material at the convention will not be hard. We will study and realize the system of uniting. We will try to come closer to one another in order to reach such a potential, to reach such compression between us that will allow us reveal the upper Light. This is our task.

Therefore, any person who thinks that this is good for him has the opportunity and the right to come. I hope that we will succeed at this convention and will sense the beginning of the revelation of the upper Light within the mutual guarantee between us.
From the Sunday Virtual Lesson Series 10/30/2011

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