How Do We Protect Ourselves From Nature?

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have something to say to people who want to hear explanations. Let’s lay our cards on the table and realistically evaluate the situation. First, we are driven by nature and exist in its system. You can see for yourselves that despite all our vain attempts, we do not control the world. It is driven by a certain program that operates according to certain forces. In the end, we are under its control.

Second, by moving this way, we do not know where we will end up. So how do we decipher the program of our development? How do we control it? Maybe sweeten it a bit? For example, today European leaders are unable to sweeten the bitter pills prescribed to the eurozone. They are already inclined to consider this entire common market to be a mistake. However, what mistake can we talk about if it is part of the program? Whatever happened, happened, and nothing can be done about it. It’s foolish to regret the past.

Man is created in such a way that before he can actually join an operational force, he is unable to understand that instead of representing the function, he represents the outcome, the action. Thus, humanity is discovering its helplessness due to actual problems. But the real collapse has not yet begun. The crisis has multiple layers, and its main characteristic is neither non-recoverable debt nor unemployment.

In the near future (possibly one or two years from now, if the process accelerates), we will see that the world cannot continue to exist. Climatic disasters, economic and industrial problems will put us on the edge of a cliff. Nations will not be able to manage the huge numbers of unemployment. We simply do not have a system that is capable of withstanding something of the sort. And then disasters will force people to listen to us.

Third, we should ask ourselves why did evolution subject us to such powerful shocks? In our current conditions, different types of vegetative and animate levels of nature are simply becoming extinct like dinosaurs. So maybe we will also disappear off the face of the earth under the blade of this guillotine?

In this case, we do not have another solution but to find a third force that will work against nature, in other words, against the Creator. It doesn’t matter what we call it.

Hollywood movies depict global threats also in the form of an asteroid flying towards the Earth capable of destroying us in a matter of seconds. As a rule, film protagonists manage to save humanity.

We too need to turn to humanity with a request for protection. We must find the protective force to withstand nature, which is leading us to death. We are part of its program, and if “blind nature” has planned to finish us with a number of cataclysms, then how do we find an alternative power for further development? How can we change the program?

First of all, we need to rise to a new degree, acquire wisdom, and understand what the common program entails. This leads us to the fourth stage, when we finally must realize that our essence, the egoistic desire, is the source of all disasters. If not for the ego, we would not be destroying human society, family institution, the education system, relations between people, countries, and religions; we would not be creating artificial dividers that separate us and at the end only lead to mutual destruction.

Once we realize the evil, we will think about what we call good. And then we will learn from nature in which the integrated mechanism of unity and reciprocity operates. We are able to imagine this and observe with our own eyes. So what do we lack? Only the ability to rise above our essence.

Will we be able to change the course of our development if we rise above ourselves, or is nature still stronger than us? No, it is not stronger. Why not? It is because nature controls us through our egoism, but if we mutually support and strengthen one another, if we build a common system and want to unite no matter what, the forces of nature will develop us in the good way.

In fact, our egoism no longer wants to keep growing because growth only causes it more problems. We finally can acquire the opportunity to control it and moreover, use it to advance in the good way, but only if we learn to use it for unity. The essence of all evil is that we develop by hurting one another, while the essence of goodness is to develop by uniting with one another.

Driven by necessity, humanity has to completely change its attitude towards life, the environment, society, raising children, and education. We need to build everything around us in a way that will allow us to be surrounded by warmth, like children. We try to place children in an exemplary society so that they will learn to behave well, care for themselves and others, and so on. I would like to place my child in the best day care, let him learn reciprocity, languages, and let him be a good boy or girl.

Evolution itself has implanted the parental attitude in us, which enables us to understand how to treat others. It is no coincidence that we were divided into male and female genders, which together create posterity, the next degree. This enables us to see how to build a proper environment for ourselves. Our natural care for children and grandchildren pushes us towards the same thing. And this is why today we must create a universal day care for all. Anyone who wants to be a teacher is welcome.

Generally speaking, humanity’s only problem is upbringing. And to be more precise, the problem is to understand that this is the main problem. This is why we explain to the world that the power that needs to be awakened is already inside of us, it is in the unity between us.

Science confirms that when people gather and unite, they generate a new, special, integrated power that exists on its own. For example, this power unites a nation by maintaining a common approach, character, and potential in people. The uniting power that appears through years of mutual living and interaction does not come from Above, but exists between them according to the specific form of their unity.

Similarly, when we unite today, we will beget this new, integrated power of world unity, which will become our protection, more powerful than nature, climate, ecology, or anything else. After all, this power is much higher; it pertains to the human degree, and man towers over the other levels of nature. And for this reason, this power will definitely help us sweeten our development instead of trembling like rabbits that are being taken somewhere unknown. We will control the process in action.|
From the 4th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/7/2011, “Matan Torah (The Giving of the Torah)

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  1. Dear Brother, I enjoyed your thoughts on nature! Living Nature also consists of a Beginning, a Middle, and an End! However, the End is just the Beginning when the Alpha and Omega come together! It is the Infinite Way of the Father YHWH Jehoovah!

    We are Blessed at the choices we have to come into this 3rd Dimension called Earth! When we are born, we are born into the Living nature of the Father, and when we are called by the Father we are forever in His Nature and His Service! His Will is My Will and My Will is His Will as we are at One With Him!

    Shelomith Shalom…. Ha Tushiyyah ….

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