It Must Happen Here And Now

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe moment we enter the convention hall, we should immediately connect to the great, collective desire, be ready for connection, and expect that it will happen here and now! We must think that it will necessarily happen here and now (as it is said about waiting for the arrival of the Messiah everyday). This calls forth the action, and it really happens.

It isn’t enough just to come to the convention—we must prepare for it. It is a good idea to study the convention material. Surprising you with new ideas there is not part of my plan. Conversely, the more familiar you are with the material and the more I speak of seemingly known things, in response to our desire directed at what you have read, heard, and studied, I will be able to bring really new explanations.

I would like to see people at the convention who understand, feel the material, and know in advance what I am going to say. The topics of the lessons and sources they are based on can be found in convention preparation material. We have to study it because there shouldn’t be any surprises. All our advancement should take place internally, by connecting and revealing new states.

This is called advancement. The words of the material can be the same, but the impression they leave and the depth they reveal will be new. We will feel them in a new way and on a new level.

Hence, we should study the material and songs by heart so that they are familiar to all of us. This is very important. If having tasted something we then taste it again, it seems pleasant and new. But when we taste something for the first time, we barely sense the taste.

The same is said about a sin: The first transgression isn’t considered a sin because the person didn’t know what would happen and simply tried it. But as soon as one has “tasted” and wants to continue, like Adam who said about the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge: “I ate and shall eat more!”—then this is already a problem.

Hence, we should “taste” the materials of the convention in advance so that at the convention itself, we will “continue to eat” and discover the real taste. It isn’t enough that we read half a page and think we’re ready. We have to build the vessels, our tools of perception, and arrange them just like kneading and warming dough. This is how we must warm ourselves. The general preparation determines whether we will feel something or not.

The more prepared we are, the faster we’ll be able to attain, both in heart and mind. If both are operating correctly, we will achieve revelation.
From the 2nd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 11/2/2011, “The Love for the Creator and Love for the Created Beings”

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