You Will Find The Creator In The Group

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I come to the Creator, when in reality I do not have the desire?

Answer: For you, the Creator is the collective vessel of all souls to whom you bestow. It is written: “I dwell among My people.” When this vessel manifests fully, you reveal the Creator in it.

The Creator is not some separate entity that exists outside of your reaction to the collective Kli. He neither has a form nor an appearance; He does not have an entity outside of what you find in the collective vessel.

For you the Creator is the group. When you reveal the connection between the friends, then in this common connection you reveal the Creator (Boreh), which comes from the words “come and see” (Bo-Reh). He manifests in the form you are able to see.

But He does not exist until then. Right now you do not have the Creator because it is written that you must go by what you see. You must not imagine anything outside of the limits of actual perception. You will reveal the Creator when you reach universal interconnection. It is the actual vessel that becomes imbued with mutual bestowal. And the Light will be revealed in this vessel.

It is not an abstraction of some sort—the vessel will seem to vibrate from the desire to bestow. Its “trepidation” is the Light, penetrating the universal interconnection. Everyone wants to bestow to others, everyone is connected with others, and this is why every part fulfills the other parts. This bestowal of one desire to another is called the “Light.”

Hence the Light in the Partzuf is the measures of the response in the desire. There is no Light without the vessel. The actual vessel becomes the Light when it begins to bestow. And the Creator is the commonality of bestowal, which becomes revealed inside the vessel, in the group.

Our entire work in the group brings us to the conditions that allow us to reveal and attain the Creator. I don’t go from the group to the Creator like from one room to another. The group is the vessel where I reveal everything: the upper Light (mutual bestowal) and the commonality of this Light, this bestowal, called the Creator.

Everything becomes revealed in the vessel of unity over the breaking. There is no other place, even now. There is no other reality other than the desire to receive pleasure, which experiences different states inside. It thinks that it is divided, broken, and welded to different extents and with different connections on different degrees; however, all this is happening inside of it. When it unites, it perceives the Creator, and when it loosens unity, it is left with a tiny Light. But one way or another, the reference is always to the desire and its experiences.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/24/2011, “Peace in the World”

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