Woe From Egoistic Wit

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do you separate the mind that you have received at birth from the acting higher mind?

Answer: Our life experience will gradually show us that our corporeal mind is not worth anything. Even though we still exalt it because it’s the only thing that elevates us above animals.

However, in the end we see that our mind and intellectual abilities are bringing us to a life worse than that of the animals. We are constantly in a state of fear, concern, worries, tension, and a thousand different calculations. We cause our illnesses and poison our environment. What other animal ruins their environment like this?

We intentionally create enemies and haters around us. Who else does this other than man? Ultimately, all our actions bring us to destruction. The mind makes man the worst and a truly unhappy animal. How does it help us?

We are slowly coming to these conclusions, even though it’s not easy to agree with them. This is the mind that we have received from nature which determines all our desires and inclinations. We need to decide with our mind (head) and in our desires (heart) that all of this only hurts us, and it would be better to not even use them at all.

Humanity gradually started discovering this. Our desire to develop science has disappeared because it does not give us the feeling of a happier life. And in our days humankind is entering a new system of relations, and it will soon reveal itself to us and show us our absolute connection and dependence upon one another.

We are in a common system that binds our hands and feet, and neither feelings nor mind can help us. If I am chained to billions of other people, connected with invisible threads in a way that makes me unable to make a single independent move, then how can my sensitivity and intellect help me? After all, from the very start, I am unable to make the slightest move that I choose to make in such system.

I suddenly discover that I am simply a rivet, a tiny element in the system, forced to act and left with no freedom. I can flap as much as I want, but all my moves only exist in my imagination; I only think that I am changing things. But in reality we are in a firm and well-balanced system, and no one is asking for our opinion.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/21/2011, “The Acting Mind”

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