We Need Unity, And It Is Not There

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Jose Manuel Barroso, President of the European Commission): “The debt crisis continues to deepen as the European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso acknowledged in his annual State of the Union address.

“‘Today we are facing the greatest challenge that this Union has ever had to face throughout its history. This is a financial crisis, an economic crisis, a social crisis but also a confidence crisis towards our leaders.’

“Barroso warned Europe’s leaders they must work more closely together to prevent the 27-member bloc falling apart.

“‘I really believe that we are today at a crucial point in our history, a moment when if we don’t go forward with integration we are at risk of fragmentation. It’s about political will, a crucial test for our generation, and I am telling you, yes, it is possible to get out of this crisis.’

“Many believe Greece must leave the euro zone for that to happen, but Barroso disagrees. He urged the ECB to ‘do whatever it takes’ to sort out the crisis. He called for a quicker introduction of a permanent bailout fund and more efficient use of the capital already in the current fund.”

Opinion: (Guy Verhofstadt, a Belgian politician, a Member of the European Parliament): “…we must put in place a real economic government in Europe to manage economic and fiscal policies. A senior member of the commission should be appointed as a Europe-wide finance minister, who in turn will lead eurozone economic policy and chair regular sessions of the eurogroup – not just a couple of summits a year.”

My Comment: Europe will become impoverished not because of its fight with the financial crisis, but because it doesn’t strive for unification. They hope that this state, which they call the crisis, will pass like a wave. We are beginning a new stage of the development of society, the whole point of which is the total unity of all people in one desire, thought, and feeling, which is what a single body feels itself like.

Nature will push us to this condition with all its forces, which will be manifested exactly where we should have begun to correct ourselves, but are not correcting. That is, the forces that compel us to change are the qualities that we did not correct in time. Had we corrected them, we would have felt ourselves not under the negative, but under the positive influence of nature (circumstances).

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