The World Is Awakening

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: People around the world are awakening and starting to talk about unity. Why is this happening?

Answer: It stems from the inner sensation. A person can study for ten years, hear about the importance of unity daily, and yet it’s all in vain. If he doesn’t feel a need, he won’t hear anything.

But suddenly he begins to understand it from inside, naturally. Unexpectedly, he starts to realize that we all are connected together, that we need social justice and equal distribution, and that we all have to reach balance between us and with Nature. Otherwise, our lives are finished.

Today, a few thousand crazy men exhaust the earth’s last resources and with the help of advertising force us to buy whatever they manufacture only in order to add another zero to their bank account. And we follow their directives as humble slaves: We pursue material goods.

Enough of that, everything is collapsing. We are maturing for our will to receive grows on a daily basis, and as it develops, it starts asking: “What do I live for? What is happening to me? Why do I suffer? Why can’t I reach fulfillment?”

Unemployment in the U.S. has grown tremendously; among others, it especially hits young people who have a hard time finding jobs.There is a huge gap between the rich people working on Wall Street and the young generation. At the age of 20-25 a person doesn’t see any future ahead of him. Without a job he or she doesn’t want to get married and give birth to children. What kind of future awaits his children if his own prospects are bleak?

Spontaneous awakening is taking place. People are going out to demonstrations as a result of their inner impulses; they simply cannot sit still in their houses. It’s pure anarchy: A person doesn’t know what will happen to him tomorrow or even in the next second, and this is how he calms himself down and gets rid of negative emotions. His nature obligates him to do that. People start protesting without having a clear view of the situation, without knowing their purpose, or preparing a program. They simply feel bad.

Gradually, the ups and downs of life force them to wise up, and they start comprehending what is actually going on.

The whole world is awakening today. We’ll see what will happen in China, Japan, and India.… The world is becoming “round.” People by nature demand change. Intuitively, they feel that they have to be connected, that they have to be in balance between themselves and with Nature. This is how the general universal Force reveals itself: Subconsciously we suddenly sense that this is exactly what we lack.

And then everybody starts to oppose inequality and demand something: single mothers, retired people, doctors, and teachers. It’s not a coincidence. It’s a general trend, a common demand for balance. Somebody feels good, somebody else feels bad, and we want everybody to get an equal share. The power of unity and a new approach that obligates us to think that way are becoming revealed in our global integral world.

The question is how do we reach this state? Only the wisdom of Kabbalah offers a solution. It explains how to achieve fair distribution, gain balance, and be compensated for the damages caused by our egoism.

Man still wants to be more than everybody else; he wants to achieve, to advance. So, if we all come to a state where everybody receives only essential things, what’s next for us? How can we reimburse people for what they have lost? Kabbalah explains that it’s possible only through spiritual ascent when our corporeal body receives only as much as it needs, and the rest is being used to develop the soul.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/7/2011, “One Commandment”

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