The Source Of All Our Problems

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Why aren’t you worried about the problem of overpopulation or the hunger in the world, but rather about unity that can hardly be reached?

Answer: Here are the reasons why:

  • 2% of the population that work in agriculture can provide enough food for everyone;
  • 10% of the population that work in industry can provide everyone with industrial products;
  • The rate of the world population growth has been decreasing for quite some time and now has reached a stable number. Soon the world population may begin to decrease, as we see in Europe. We don’t know the reason for this, and we only observe what is happening as nature’s plan regarding the development of human society being fulfilled.

The main problem, the source of all our problems is that we don’t observe nature’s fundamental law: Humanity, as part of nature, doesn’t correspond to global integral nature. We do not equalize ourselves with nature, whereby we receive no more than we need for our normal existence, without depleting nature and without creating a terrible future for ourselves.

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