The Salvation Of Humanity Is Its Unity

Opinion: (Vyacheslav Ivanov, professor University of California, Los Angeles, Moscow State Lomonosov University, Member of Russian Academy of Sciences, from “I am a supporter of the world government. I was invited as one of the experts of the UN.

“We called ourselves the Triglav International Society. …It includes people from many different countries, professors, politicians, and technology experts. We try to convince people that we need to unite. …Of, course, it does not mean to create the world government in the literal sense. But we need some kind of world union to address key issues collectively.

“I believe that humanity develops according to meaningful laws. Therefore, we will be moving towards a real union, which means that all the terrible conflicts that plague the world are negligibly small compared with these major tasks. These objectives are everyone’s concern—all people may all be killed. In order not to perish, we must finally establish a common operating structure.

“This will be the issue of the next decades, I think. There is nowhere to run from this. Other options are terrible.

“The salvation of humanity is the main task. I still believe that if the universe has spent so much effort to create us, it is unlikely that we will be allowed to destroy ourselves.”

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