The Hard Labor Of The “Advanced” Society

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How can you explain to people that it’s worthwhile to connect with others if they don’t see any practical results yet? It’s madness to work without seeing any results.

Answer: Of course, the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t say that we should act without any fuel and disregard the results. We have to create such an environment, such a society, which would provide a person with fuel for his bestowal. The environment should impress me so that I would want to join it and enjoy bestowing to it. It’s the society that should provide me with the necessary strength for that.

So how do you create such a society? It’s our job. We, the one per cent of humanity, should create an environment for us and for the whole world and set such values within it that would make a person want to serve others and to be satisfied by doing so. It isn’t difficult to do; on the contrary, a person will want to bestow, will like it, and everyone will respect him for that. This is a much greater reward than grants or other bonuses. After all, this reward is conveyed spiritually, out of the respect and appreciation of the environment.

Thus, a person receives fuel, which makes him enjoy every moment of bestowal much more that he enjoys receiving today. Furthermore, it encourages him to invest in society even more. It is worthwhile; one immediately feels how good it is. The spiritual Light is the Light of pleasure that spreads inside a giver when he bestows. Thus the wisdom of Kabbalah doesn’t leave you empty, but rather fills you with pleasure while you act.

You may ask about the intention, but with regard to the masses this question is irrelevant at the moment. In the meantime it’s about an egoistic intention of Lo Lishma (for oneself). Society can actually oblige a person to bestow, not by force but rather by the general spirit.

We do many things in life to gain the respect of others. I make great efforts and waste a lot of money for this. Take my wardrobe for example: Who needs all that? I don’t, but it’s my tribute to generally accepted norms. Couldn’t I just buy a simple cheap car that doesn’t require years of work in order to pay for it? But I choose a prestigious brand to make my neighbors jealous.

It is the same in everything we do, it may be buying an apartment, getting married, having children, or any other detail in our lives. If only we knew the real calculations… I always concede to the environment’s values. I am enslaved to others. See how TV influences us: It forces me to concede to whoever wishes to make a profit at my expense.

But do I bestow by buying their products and services? They simply ruin me. I always think about how to invest my money, but what do I invest it in? If I knew how to bestow upon society and upon the general system, I would enjoy that just as I enjoy when I fulfill the egoistic desire of the trickster who makes a profit at my expense. I would invest in the environment, and it would repay me by supporting me when I feel weak and providing my family with all that it needs….

What do we get from the tycoons who suck our blood today? Nothing! Open your eyes and see what’s happening in the world. Ninety-nine percent of your efforts are wasted on the egoistic desires for the environment. In the society of mutual guarantee, however, you would serve the environment that is built on the idea of equality. You would feel security and peace, and you would get a warm and friendly response from it.

It is hard to imagine in our heart and mind how destructive the present situation is. We are in the worst kind of slavery. It’s as if we are hypnotized, programmed to be in endless competition: I haven’t bought everything yet, not everyone is behind me yet. Society is constantly pressuring you. You think that you are working for your family, your children, and yourself, but it isn’t so! It is only one big illusion.

If we look at what is among us from the side, we will discover horrible things. All these systems are based only on the egoistic exploitation of others.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/25/2011, “Peace in the World”

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  1. I have the problem of always seeing good in others that isn’t there. But, I am realistic as well and agree with how you see things. I once explained stuff like this to a friend of mine. Before Kabbalah was introduced to me. And they told me that seeing the “evil” in the world this way is seeing the bad in everything. That everything is not bad. I think there needs to be a distinction there between seeing a good future and good in others, and also being realistic about the egoism that is actually there.

  2. Social pressure to compete and have the best things even effects romantic relationships. A man and a woman are both attracted to each other but are unable to connect because they feel insufficient in the other’s eyes.

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