The Dollar Today Is Dead, The U.S. Bankrupt

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion: (Giulietto Chiesa, former Italian Politician and Member of the European Parliament): “We are at the beginning of the transition period, which has no precedents in history.

“Today it’s clear that the development within a closed system of resources is impossible: The world has reached the limits of development. Coal, oil, and uranium—all resources of the planet are almost exhausted, and it is only a matter of time before they finally run out. Everything that we are accustomed to will change. The civilization of money will be gone.

“This is a truly global crisis, …which includes the energy crisis. Today we use more water than nature can give us. We produce waste that cannot be recycled. We have changed the course of nature.

“We need to understand that the old democracy is dying. In Europe, half of the population does not go to the polls… It’s necessary to create a new system of representation, and this movement must come from below, under the banner of restraining oneself and one’s lifestyle. We need a cultural, organizational, and political revolution.

“This is not about the starving. But even those who could limit themselves do not think about this because we are manipulated, we are duped! People are turned into instruments of buying. Television tells us 24 hours a day what to buy, that our scale of values ​​is purchasing power.

“We need to nationalize the media because they form the fundamental rights of people and cannot be privatized. It is necessary to nationalize the banks that issue money. We are losing control over money.

“We are the citizens of states. The heads of several leading banks are respectable criminals, more influential than any politicians because they have the real power of money.” (Source:

“Do you agree with the thesis that the main threat to the planet comes from China? ‘No, the biggest source of danger today – it’s New York, Wall Street, and the United States. The dollar today is dead, the U.S. – bankrupt. But they are – bankrupt and well-armed. … The economic attacks against Greece and Ireland are provoked only in order to reduce the sovereignty of the European currency and Europe as a whole. Why is the euro stronger today than the dollar – at least because EU debt is lower than the United States’.’” (Source:

My Comment: More and more people begin to realize that the future is only possible within the framework of the economy of reasonable (necessary) consumption, in complete similarity and balance with nature, in the unity of all people according to the principle of mutual guarantee. We are approaching the point about which Kabbalists talked thousands of years ago.

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