The Concealed Power Of Thought

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe connection between people is a lot stronger and obligatory then people realize. According to nature, this connection represents a whole organism that is gradually becoming revealed to us.

As it turns out, all of nature is unified. It began developing from a single point as a result of the Big Bang. In our perception, nature is divided into many different parts: the still, vegetative, animal, and human levels, as well as into physical, chemical, biological, ethical, moral, and other laws. We don’t see all of this as one whole. We don’t see how all of this is interconnected and interdependent, how my thoughts and feelings effect the explosions of stars, or how these star explosions effect the plants in my garden. We don’t see everything, but it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t exist.

Nature is global. The reason that we are discovering this fact more and more is because we’re becoming more developed. After all, the revelations I make today couldn’t have been made yesterday because I wasn’t developed enough. However, it doesn’t mean that these things didn’t already exist in nature and that I’m discovering some new attributes in nature. It appears within me because I develop.

I am the most actively developing part of nature. As a person, I develop more and faster then anything else: in my knowledge, attainments, emotions, and so on. And when I develop, I obtain a greater overall perception.

Did America not exist before it was discovered? It did exist! What about the stars and the galaxies, did they not exist before we discovered them? Everything existed, only we couldn’t see it because we weren’t developed enough.

We’re beginning to reveal our interconnection. This interconnection exists on levels we can’t sense, meaning that I can’t perceive it through my five senses. This interconnection exists beyond my senses, within some thoughts and systems of connection between us, and therefore, my thoughts, actions, and feelings effect you.
From the Discussion About Global Education 09.07.2011

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  1. That this world work in a mathematical manner requires that actual zero are hidden from it, for is 0 + 0 = 2 x 0?! As such, no two items or systems in this reality can be completely independent, that be a function of each other described as zero.

    To what extent of this nonzero relationship in a given case, we may not know. But this does relate to the concept of quantum entanglement — and as per Prof. Roger Penrose of Cambridge University, at any given instant, virtually all particles must be so entangled with each other, while amazingly we don’t perceive this. [Apparantly we collapse the entagnlements of the parts of the universe we observe while we observe them.]

    And too, as this world’s reality spread out from a single point, this interrelationship should be no surprise.

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