State Security Agencies Out Of Commission

Dr. Michael LaitmanToday an economic expert is someone who knows how to make money at another’s expense without breaking the law. But we’re talking about another kind of economy, one which everyone must know because it allows a person to fulfill his soul, and not his pocket.

We provide all the physical necessities, everyone receives what they need, and we make sure that both children and adults learn to stay within the family budget. That is our first task: to take care of people’s basic needs, such as shelter, food, clothes, some work, a lot more study, and so on. And everything beyond the necessities must be purified and transferred to the spiritual domain.

That doesn’t mean that the owner of a factory making decorations will need to shut down his business. No, that is necessary as well, but only in a form and measure that doesn’t involve our ego. Everything must be balanced, but not by a state security agency; rather, it must be balanced by man himself whom we are raising to the human degree.

We cannot and don’t intend to issue arbitrary directives: “As of today everyone gets only one bottle of milk per day,” and so on. We need to elevate people to a level where they would be willingly content with quality, moderate consumption.

In the new economy, nothing can be actualized without education and the ascent of humanity. Essentially, we leave our “beast” in the material economy, while in all other aspects the economy assumes a spiritual form.

So, we have two economies: material and spiritual. The material economy is built upon monetary exchange, just as before, although perhaps the situation will change going forward. Whereas the spiritual economy must immediately complement all that a person is missing. His competitive aspirations, jealousy, hatred, inner impulses, “the grass is greener,” and so on, all these voids must be filled.

One cannot be abandoned midway without assistance. And education is essential for this. When the masses connect to this process and accept these explanations, everyone will have an environment that fulfills, obligates, and elevates him. And the more intensely he is gripped by hatred, jealousy, estrangement, and ambition, the more clearly he will feel that it is precisely the right environment that can fulfill these desires with mutual guarantee, while in the egoistic world they remain empty.

He will not decrease his aspirations, but increase them and actually fulfill them. Our essence cannot be pacified, so let it grow, but grow correctly.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/11/2011, “Peace in the World”

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