Overcoming A Potential Obstacle

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe upper governance always arranges the present state for us and illuminates the next state a bit. If we overcome the present state, we can ask to be brought to the next state.

The next state doesn’t seem to be desirable because otherwise, we would strive for it out of our egoism, without having free will or being independent in any way. Therefore, the next state is always opposite to our egoism. It follows that I can always receive support from the environment, the books, and the teacher in order to ask to be raised to a state that doesn’t seem desirable, good, or attractive.

In other words, I mobilize all my energy and increase the importance of the higher degree. And if I really have a strong aspiration to it, sufficient to overcome the potential obstacle that separates me from the next state, then I attract the Light that Reforms, and it changes me. This is how I am born in the next degree and become its son.

Of course, “there is none else besides Him,” but He arranges the present state and the next one, opposite to it, as well as all the opportunities to reach the latter. I have to understand that these means are special, necessary, and thought through to the smallest detail.

Nothing is redundant in me or in the world around me, in every internal and external condition. Everything is arranged ideally so that I will mobilize my will power and rise to the next state. If I can’t do that, it means that I still lack the necessary attention to what is happening to me.

Therefore, we have to justify the Creator in advance for that bad, uncomfortable, and unpleasant state in which we discover ourselves. After all, it is a good sign and great help, which directs me and compels me to look for a way out of this situation.

The present unpleasant state helps me. However, as a person grows stronger and reaches higher levels, he begins to feel good in the state he has achieved. And yet, he must rise above it. He must do extra work in order to see the defects in his present situation, and this isn’t simple at all.

Now we are in a state when we feel bad. The future state seems quite dark as well, although it isn’t that dark because we can somehow imagine the next state as desirable and grow stronger thanks to the environment and the books.

We have been given everything in order to reach the demand to rise to the next level. A person must believe this from the beginning. After all, every moment in life we have everything: the present state, the next state, and the means to reach the next level from my current situation. There is only one thing that is always missing—our attention.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/26/2011, Writings of Rabash

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  1. “There is only one thing that is always missing—our attention.”

    Hahaha, so true!

  2. Doesn’t “there is none else beside him” also mean what makes me feel good is also what makes me feel bad?

  3. How do I know what state I am in at present? being attentive! but attentive to what?

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