Our Future: Consumerism Or Humanism

Opinion: (Jagdish Kapur, 1920-2010, Co-Chairman and Founder of the WPF “Dialogue of Civilizations,” from wpfdc.com): “The fundamental mistake of industrially developed civilization is that it treats any person with the same measure, so he turns into an abstract economic entity, an element of the herd… and the reverse movement of machine – consumption is serviced here. But that is a violation of the laws of nature. Remaining in the hands of this misfortunate, illusory economy, they do not realize how close they are to a collapse of the whole system… We rapidly approach complete indifference to anything in the world with the exception of bank notes.” (Source: wpfdc.com archives)

“The unipolar power system as a result of the misdirection of its boundless physical vitality outside the corrective ethical and moral constraints is rapidly coming to the end of the road… Many countries are being drawn into this dangerous diversion of vitality towards developmental paths unrelated to their needs resources and cultural constraints. This is creating vast differentials between different strata and diverse ethnic, religious and cultural groups within a society and the world system.

“And then he continues, ‘We must recognize that the world is not just a globalized loot-haven, but a family of nations in a true sense, where all members of the family have a right to pray, work, and establish life styles of their choice. A state or a group of states in the name of freedom, democracy, and human rights or any other contrived or media projections have no right to impose their neo-imperial designs, will, and shattered moral and ethical consumerist frame over others. They have already done enough damage to the human system. It is time to stop.'” (Source: wpfdc.com archives)

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  1. The one thing preventing the total prevalence of love over fear, bestowal over reception, is that most of the warriors of the world are subdued and made to serve empire with their own blood. These most oppressed, are the source of tyrant power when they are manipulated. Achieve loving unity with the warriors, and the evil of the world will turn to ash.

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