Frankfurt Book Fair 2011

Dear friends,

We need your thoughts for the success of our dissemination effort at the upcoming Frankfurt Book Fair. The fair takes place October 12-16, and over ten friends from across Europe are coming to help. At last year’s event we signed 10 foreign-rights contracts, and in 2011 we signed over 20.

Published in 2011: In Italy—three books, in Spain—two books, in Norway—one book, in Brazil—one book, in France—one book, in Germany—two books, in Macedonia—one book, in China—one book, in Sweden—two books, in South Korea—one book, in Slovenia—one book, and in Turkey—five books.

Please see some book covers below.



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One Comment

  1. I’m happy to share my thoughts. If it is for the covers that are shown. I think the second and fourth on the top row are a good idea. They both have a balanced feeling to them with a sort of artistic quality to them. From a strictly superficial perspective, I think any cover that has “balance” visually is always more eye-catching. And, since the word Kabbalah is loaded with complex meanings, it might be best to have a cover that is simple to understand visually, so that it seems “approachable”. Also, the fifth one on the second row isn’t bad artistically. It looks kind of cool with the Asian red font and the black and white photo. Stylistically, it’s interesting. Just my thoughts.

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