Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “What Is The Day Of The Lord And The Night Of The Lord In The Work”

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is said: “The darkness will shine like the Light.” There is no day or night in our inner work. The Light shines in everything and fills the entire Malchut of Infinity. We exist in an ocean of Light. How can there be night?…

We have no day or night in spirituality, but we feel various changes in our states. It is necessary to discern these changes. Perhaps these are my days and nights that I feel in my egoism, when a day means that I have earned and conquered, while a night shows that I’m not that lucky. Meanwhile, the Creator’s day and night are opposite. For Him a day is a possibility to bestow, love, fill, and connect, while a night, on the contrary, is a lack of forces of bestowal and love.

Hence, we always have to discern in what we exist: in the darkness of the night or in the light of the day, mine or the Creator’s, and try to remain in the correct definition.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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  1. I agree, we have to scrutinize what state we are in at any given moment, whether we come from an egoistic perspective/”darkness of night” or a perspective of bestowal/”light of day”. And, change the egoistic perspective, if we determine we are in it, thus making the correction needed and remaining in the “correct definition/state.”

  2. There remains (for me at least), a vague confusion here between the notion of day/night. There appears to actually be three level of viewing this, not two:

    A day as being a time of pure bestowal without even the sense of any personal pleasure (Creator’s level?) — our night of work.

    A day as when I feel pleasure in the work (bestowal Lo L’Shma? – not for Her own sake?)

    A day as when I feel the pleasure of receiving — the totally animalistic level. At this level, all the above appears to be the blackness of night? Except that perhaps, even within reason, bestowal Lo L’Shma could be conceived of if not yet felt.

    Is the above a correct understanding?

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