Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “A Pomegranate”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe word pomegranate (Rimon in Hebrew) comes from the word loftiness (Romemut). The more the attribute of bestowal is elevated in my eyes, the more I can advance above all my personal calculations.

From where can I take this greatness of the attribute of bestowal? It is only if I place myself under the influence of the environment. And then the external force of all the friends will come to me, and they will “brainwash” me, will penetrate my heart, and most importantly, will give me the sensation that the attribute of bestowal is most important.

We are in an ocean of Light, but we don’t feel it because we belittle it. How can we receive the sensation of its greatness that will enable us to feel it?

In any vocation, the most important point is to be sensitive to the smallest details that non-experts do not feel or understand. If I am a tailor, and I look at some shirt, I can tell you everything about it: What material was used and exactly how it was sewn. But if I am not a tailor, for me it is just a rag.

At present we are in a sea of Light, but we have no ability to “grasp” it, to discover it, or to see it. It is because we don’t see its importance. Why? Because this Light is the attribute of bestowal, and I don’t feel any importance in it; it is the farthest thing from me. I don’t want it and won’t want it.

It is only if an external force will come to me and “brainwash” my mind and heart, commit me to think that this is exactly what I am missing, and constantly influence me, only then will I say in the end: “I want it!” And then I will discover it. This is called that I have built the vessel for the property of bestowal called “importance.” And then I reveal this property, and this is called the “Light.”

From this we see how important it is to give the correct definitions, the correct meanings to words. In spirituality it is the secret of success.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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