Be Afraid

Dr. Michael LaitmanOpinion (The Economist): “The second failure is one of honesty. Too many rich-world politicians have failed to tell voters the scale of the problem. In Germany, where the jobless rate is lower than in 2008, people tend to think the crisis is about lazy Greeks and Italians. Mrs Merkel needs to explain clearly that it also includes Germany’s own banks—and that Germany faces a choice between a costly solution and a ruinous one. In America the Republicans are guilty of outrageous obstructionism and misleading simplification, while Mr Obama has favored class warfare over fiscal leadership. At a time of enormous problems, the politicians seem Lilliputian. That’s the real reason to be afraid.”

My Comment: The only solution is to explain immediately the true cause of the crisis—the birth of a new world—and what our correct behavior in it is: compliance with the requirements of nature in unity and mutual guarantee.

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