Cursory Thoughts On Shamati, “What Does It Mean That The Sitra Achra is Called ‘Malchut Without A Crown'”

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe will to enjoy, egotistic pleasures, the egoistic desire, is called the “corporeal world,” and the desire to give, to fill, and to bestow is called the “spiritual world.” There is hardly any difference between the two except for one—the result.

If a person performs an act of bestowal, he must discover the Light. This means that he reaches Keter (crown). But if he doesn’t perform an act of bestowal, he doesn’t attain Keter. The only difference is the result.

Therefore, the impure force (Sitra Achra) is called “Malchut without a crown (Keter),” when I’m in the desire to receive, but the Light of Keter doesn’t reach me.
From the 6th lesson at the Toronto Convention 9/18/11

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Tilling New Ground

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Yesterday we held a round table in Afula which was attended by the city’s mayor, the head of the regional council, and leading specialists in education. The discussion was about the educational system in the 21st century. Our message was that children have to be prepared for life in the new, tightly interconnected world. The discussion participants did not object, but the impression was that we are trying to sow wasteland. Will people be able to understand the challenges facing humanity before it’s too late?

Answer: If they won’t, then suffering will force them to. A live example is Europe, which is deep in debt. Its leaders do not know what to do, yet they feel and understand that a split will entail a very serious catastrophe. On the other hand, they don’t know how to unite. Even multibillion tranches of assistance do not guarantee them a bright future.

It would be nice to pay once and get rid of the problem. This does happens in life: You make a concession and unload a great burden off your conscience. However, in this case nothing is working. Europe’s problem is a lack of communication.

Many people are already saying that it is necessary to create a single government or at least a single financial agency.

But how? After all, in that case it would be necessary not only to cancel the governmental boundaries, but all other boundaries as well, to annul all the differences. The common financial system means common social security and pension provision for everyone, common funds and conditions…. Stated differently, it requires the same attitude to everyone, and that means there will be one European nation and one boundary around all of Europe where everyone are equal.

Initially this concept is scary because nothing like this has ever happened in history. People don’t yet understand that the solution can only be found in unity. A person is driven by what he personally lacks, and unification is not on that list. Only great problems can push people to that. It is possible to advance forward under blows, meaning suffering or by common sense, either by a stick hitting you from behind or by a carrot enticing you from ahead. So choose one of the two.

For now we are driven by the stick, which is especially hard on the Europeans. But soon Americans will also feel its blows.

The only thing we can do is explain what is happening to the world, presenting the facts. An experienced expert sees and understands the problems. In the same way, all people have to see with their own eyes that which they do not notice yet. Using videos, movies, songs, and other media it is necessary to inform them of what is happening in the world today. Even if a person is far from this, he must nevertheless learn about it at least slightly.

That is how we will ameliorate the situation, turning every person into a specialist in some sense so he will be wary of heedless actions and will be willing to cooperate. Besides, by virtue of this we will gradually make the authorities aware of the need to organize an environment that provides people with an upbringing.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/11, “Peace in the World”

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A Ray Of The Future In The Darkness Of The Present

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: Is it possible to have a universal economic theory for everyone today?

Answer: The economy is a reflection of our interconnections. The science of Kabbalah essentially explains the economy to us, or how we provide for one another. When taking care of others, I make a calculation: How much do I have to receive from them in order to bestow to them?

This is exactly what Baal HaSulam writes in the Writings of the Last Generation and “The Nation”: how to set up the right interconnections, what fair distribution should be like, what balanced consumption is, and how to receive only the necessities and put all the rest of your efforts only toward helping others.

This is the economy. Granted, we haven’t yet learned to describe it using formulas such as this, which will be clear to modern economists. We ourselves still lack the clear understanding and sensation of the nearest, smallest levels which we will ascend as we make the transition from the current, capitalistic economy to the economy of balance.

We understand that spiritual “fuel” is necessary for this because in the material sense every person will receive the necessities according to his nature and no one will have any excesses. Then what will motivate people? After all, the egoistic desire does not disappear; it only grows, especially in the spiritual world where it is billions of times stronger. That is why there, we receive the upper Light, and not just the “crumbs” that we get here.

Thus, our problem is the transitional period when we go from using others for our own sake to using ourselves for the sake of others. How can I consume the minimum and enjoy by bestowing? For that I need the upper Light to turn my nature “inside out.” How can I want this, how can I ask for this ahead of time, avoiding the suffering?

Obviously, suffering will make us be willing to do anything. But I have to independently imagine the picture of bestowal so the current state will seem worse than death to me. The future has to shine so bright that I will desperately want to escape the present. There, up ahead, a life so wonderful is waiting for me that the current existence loses all meaning. It only bothers me and I have to put an end to it.

How can we depict this picture? On one hand, it holds great suffering, but on the other hand, it is the suffering of love, longing for something great. In our world people often give up their entire lives in order to attain the picture they have painted for themselves. A person can spend his entire life working as a plumber or electrician. Then why are people running after something else? It’s in order to receive a supplement, although on the animate level they don’t need it at all. This is not just an unforgettable vacation anymore, but a sum in your bank account, which gives you pleasure in and of itself.

Thus, we are not yet able to explain the transition from suffering to longing. We do not have a feel for the real economic measures that will be used parallel to society’s upbringing. This is what we will have to do in the future.
From the 5th part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 10/18/11, “Peace in the World”

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