The Discovery Of A New Law

All the laws discovered by humankind until now in chemistry, biology, mathematics, physics, and even quantum physics come down to a single law: the law of interconnections. All of these laws have duality, such as the law of gravity and the law of repulsion, the law of development and the law of degradation. All the laws of nature have one common denominator: purposefulness.

I am eager to inform you that the new law is a law that will enable us to predict the future course of events. It is based on the choice of direction, meaning whether to pull everything toward us at the expense of others, or give to others while receiving life’s essentials and caring for the entire system.

A simple and obvious example of this law is bacteria. There are bacteria in our body that we simply cannot live without. For example, some bacteria produce vitamins, such as vitamin K that we cannot get externally; there are bacteria that aid in digestion, and there are bacteria that serve like the army or the police in that they guard against harmful bacteria.

All these bacteria work to create and maintain interconnection, caring for the entire organism. On the other hand, there are bacteria directed toward destruction, causing illness and death.

Another example of the law of interconnections is symbiosis and parasitism. In symbiosis, one helps another and in this way, it develops. For example, during the day, plants produce oxygen as an essential by-product of their life sustaining processes and consume carbon dioxide, while people and animals do the opposite. In parasitism, an organism lives at the expense of another. Parasites will die by sucking everything out of the organism they occupy since there will be nothing left to live on.

All of this is scientific data. It took humanity a long time to discover these laws of nature. Now, as we put everything together, we have discovered the law of interconnections. What do we learn from nature as we reveal its secrets? When you care for others, both you and the others benefit. When you pull things toward you, others suffer. Then, you suffer many times more.

Today, humanity suffers from a “virus” called greed. This is a horrible virus that does not spare anyone. When a good, caring person suddenly contracts the greed virus, everything collapses. If we look at the world today, we see all of it suffers from this virus. What does this virus do? It changes the direction of the intention from caring for others to profiting at the expense of others. This virus has progressed incredibly fast, covering all the continents, all social levels, and all of mankind.

The results of this epidemic are the breakdown of the family unit and problems in humanitarian services like education and medicine. This will soon make us march toward each other with guns, full of hatred and without the understanding that none of us is to blame. We simply have failed to see the common enemy: the virus of greed. Instead of fighting one another, we need to fight greed, we need to unite together in mutual guarantee. This should be our first action.

Secondly, we need to understand that we should not fight our brethren, no matter their appearance. Instead, we all need to unite to fight the virus of greed.

Thirdly, we need to understand that our weapon in this fight is love and our interconnection. We can march, but if we march to fight one another, this only strengthens our common enemy, the virus of greed.

Once we defeat it, we will understand that this virus appeared only to bring us to unity, happiness, safety, eternity, and love.

Let us be healthy and succeed together.

A. Angelov, M.D. (Boston, MA)

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