An Endless Garland Of Lights

Dr. Michael LaitmanBaal HaSulam, The Study of The Ten Sefirot, “Histaklut Pnimit (Inner Reflection),” Part 2, Chapter 9, Item 98: The entrance and transference to the next degree does not decrease the Ohr (Light) that has acquired its place there in any way. Rather, it is like lighting one candle from another without diminishing the first.

Here too, when the Ohr leaves the first degree and descends to the next, the Ohr remains complete in both the first and the second. Likewise, when it enters the third, the Ohr does not move from the second at all; the Ohr is complete in both the second and the third.

It passes by the same manner through all the degrees that precede the last degree, being the actual receiver for which the Ohr came down from Ein Sof (Infinity), becoming fixed in all of them. The reason for this is that there is no absence in the spiritual. Any Ohr that shone in a spiritual Behina (phase) once will not move from that Behina forever, not even a bit.

We find it difficult to see examples of this in our world because all the egoistic desire fades and disappears. Every action requires the application of energy and strength. We must exert effort every moment. Otherwise, nothing happens; nothing moves. In this world, nothing is eternal, nothing that would manifest and not require renewal.

Physicists are trying to catch an X-particle in a particle collider in order to understand the origin of the gravitational force, the intra-atomic forces that make electrons spin. We do not understand how in our world, there can be a force that exists by itself and does not disappear, moving from place to place and not going off, expanding above time in infinite space, without any restrictions.

Such properties belong only to bestowal because in bestowal, it is not the Light that fills the desire, it is not the Light that passes through degrees—this is an inaccurate expression. Light cannot pass from degree to degree like water that fills communicating vessels.

When it is said that the Light fills the vessels, it means that the vessels reveal the Light and become similar to it, one after the other. They are connected in such way that after one vessel is corrected, the second one becomes corrected as well, and after it, the third. The entire vessel glows from within with the property of bestowal, which means that it is filled with the Light.

When one vessel is filled, its informational gene, Reshimo, gives rise to the next vessel that also becomes revealed and corrected. The property of bestowal becomes revealed in it as well, which means that the Light “has come” and filled the vessel.

We are always looking at the vessels as if from the outside, as if at a hanging garland of many Lights, switching on one after another. However, in fact, no Light passes from one place to another (and even in an electric circuit, the current actually doesn’t flow from place to place). Rather, each vessel (desire) reveals the property of bestowal within itself and therefore, begins to glow. They are connected only by a chain of cause and effect.

Hence, in the desires working to bestow, obviously, nothing can disappear. All the corrections that occurred in one of these desires during our ascent from below upward remain forever. They can only be concealed from us.

However, the Light revealed in these desires is new in each of them for every desire is unique in its depth, in the power of its screen, and Reshimot. Otherwise, it would have been one desire. Therefore, everyone uncovers their own Light.
From the 3rd part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 9/22/2011, TES

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