Protesters With No Demands

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Knesset Deputy F. Kirshenbaum accused members of the social protest in Israel of being irresponsible. ‘Because they cannot articulate their demands clearly, they continue to add newer and newer demands. I sympathize with the protesters, but their demands are not unified. If we don’t formulate a united plan, new demands will only keep piling up.’”

My Comment: The answer is clear to everyone: The protesters have no plan and no demands except to annul the government and then the state! This refers only to the far left protesters who do not want to talk to anyone, who demand the whole government to resign immediately, and who want to hold court over the head of the state.

Starting to breaking things without having a plan of how to build a “fair” society that’s endorsed by all the people—this kind of approach indicates an agenda to destroy rather than to reform. In any case, the decision is made by the people’s vote, not pogroms.

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