Love Above All Differences

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written, “Love will cover all sins.” This implies that love is impossible without “sins” and without working on them. Our relationships with one another should be approached with wisdom, knowing that forms of communication are always composed of deficiencies and fulfillment. Therefore, we must strive to love and not give up when we discover hatred along the way! This is a very good thing if we know and understand that this is a way to advance. Then we unveil the truth – followed by love, to the extent of the force of our hatred. Mount Sinai (the mountain of hate) becomes the holy mountain, Mount Moriah.

This is why the soul was divided into so many parts, so many people. Even if you live in some remote area and are cut-off from people, you still have a connection with someone, even a virtual one, and that means you can work on this as well. After all, only Kabbalists, who have spiritual attainment, can work directly in relation to the Creator, whereas you still need some external image that is outside of you so it would repel you and you would be in contact with it to make your calculations.

This cannot be a family member, such as your child or wife. It has to be a person who isn’t related to you by any pre-existing, natural ties. Then you will be required to develop forms of connection with him that will be filled with hate and over it – love. Therefore, we need to achieve the connection, the mutual guarantee above all the differences. Love can only be built over hatred. Bring all of your desires there, all of your demands, and all of your arguments. We must accept all of these conditions that have unfolded and are yet to unfold as given from Above!

Let people of all walks of life and political views get together: left, right, religious and secular, with all their stereotypes and misconceptions, because this is what we received from Above. The Creator placed us in such conditions that above them we can discover reciprocity, connection, and guarantee, but we can only do it together, by supporting each other. With this connection, we construct an organism that can survive forever.

We do not erase a single property or flaw that each of us was born with. Let everyone come with all of their errors and transgressions. We are concerned with only one thing: How to bond together under one roof, under the dome of love for one’s neighbor as for oneself, so that love would cover all sins.

I look at it as a part of the Creator and the creation given to me from Above, where my task is to simply connect them all. The Creator is always sending me obstacles, revealing a new degree of hatred, rejection, and disagreement. But above it all, I keep expanding and cultivating my love, thereby ascending the steps of the spiritual ladder.

Therefore, without destruction, without the 9th of Av, it is impossible to reach the Day of Love, the 15th of Av.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected passages on the Day of Love

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