A False Bottomed “Festival”

Reader’s feedback: The article, “The Israeli Summer: A Real Threat” proved to be prophetic. This is confirmed by today’s news report that a group of 60 (!) professors “spontaneously” got organized into committees and subcommittees, and journalists quickly named this group “the government,” (incidentally, as it were) who will advise the demonstrators. Then, just as “spontaneously,” this group organized a press conference with journalists.

It is obvious that these people’s work is well-paid and that someone has put tremendous organizational efforts into it. Clearly, someone is managing the riot and investing a lot of money in it, such as paying for buses to make trips to various cities and back, bringing people to the concerts of famous, extremely expensive singers, delivering food to the protesters, providing portable toilets, banners, and much more.

Besides, the protest leaders are discussing plans for one or two months ahead. For example, in a recent interview, it was stated that a shuttle service is already scheduled to bring people to the protests and there will be special groups to entertain the children to make it easier for parents to join the demonstrations.

As to the question of who is paying for these events, the answer was that everything is being done on a voluntary basis. The bus companies have supposedly agreed to provide free rides, thus contributing to social justice. But everybody knows the cost of renting a 50-seat bus for a day—so there’s no need to explain anything to anyone.

The other day I received a video about George Soros and groups he has sponsored to export revolutions. It gave a clear demonstration of the five stages of a revolution’s development: Creating an atmosphere of protest, forming a shadow cabinet, taking control of the existing media or creating one’s own, and finally—seizing power.

I have no illusions regarding the current deputies and ministers. I do not expect any miracles from them. But the problem is that the aim of Soros’ revolutions is to cast countries into chaos, as was done to Yugoslavia (which collapsed and its fragments are still struggling for existence), The Ukraine (where the former leaders are on trial while the country is ruled by anarchy), the Arab countries (in Egypt, protests continue, while in Syria—Assad desperately tries to retain power), and so on.

There is no need to explain what fate awaits Israel in case of anarchy, considering that it is surrounded by enemies. It can take just a few months to squander the budget and make the country bankrupt under the cover of “social justice.” And then they’ll say, “Game over, guys.”

Unfortunately, those who call the tune possess enormous resources, experience, and an action plan. And the people of Israel don’t seem to realize the danger yet. The current political establishment has missed the moment, and it’s in for trouble. As always, the people in trouble are left to themselves, so it all depends on how well we will get organized and pull the nation out of this drunken festival by making it aware of its own strength and of its desire to get “free goodies.”

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