“Life Cannot Go On In Charity Mode”

Dr. Michael LaitmanEditorial in the News (by Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Peace Prize Winner, Bangladeshi economist ): “It is necessary to change the way they administer foreign aid. Instead of giving handouts of food and other aid, donor nations like the United States should help fund groups based on a model of social business….

“When the bulk of the things are free, you are not building the economy…. Life cannot go on in a charity mode all the time. We have to shift from the charity mode to the business mode. Social business has tremendous promise, but must develop with deeper roots….

“If societies change their mindset to teach students that the goal of education is not to get rich but to enrich one’s life by helping others, the business model could drastically reduce poverty in this century.”

My Comment: Every region should create the industry necessary to satisfy the reasonable requirements of the community. And the production should not grow beyond that because it will then become socially and environmentally harmful.

In their spare time, the citizens should be engaged in the system of mandatory, global, integral education where they will study and realize the method of correction of people and society in accordance with nature.

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  1. Hi,
    I heard in a lecture of the equal letter sequence text within the Zohar that is the basis for the wisdom. I feel I must have this, I have listened for years to the archives and participated to the best of my ability, is it possible to obtain such a manuscript from the society of friends?

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