Let’s Get Things In Order

Dr. Michael LaitmanModern technologies allow for the provision of all our necessities in a 3-4 hour work day. But egoism forces us to strive for greater revenue, which means producing more and imposing unnecessary products and services on consumers.

This is why almost 60% of the cost of the product is its promotion. We are habituated to acquire and consume, to walk around in huge superstores instead of parks, and to replace “old” with new since broken things are not supposed to be fixed, need to expire in a certain time, and be replaced with new items. This leads to the exhaustion of nonrenewable resources and keeping people at work for eight hours a day.

If we were to refuse to produce all nonessential goods, if we stopped producing items that are intentionally made to expire quickly and cannot be repaired, then up to 80% of the manufacturing industry will free up to provide all the world’s population with the necessary level of existence.

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