A Warning In A Whisper

Dr. Michael LaitmanIf, having heard even one word, a weak hint from the Creator, I am able to increase it to huge suffering due to my opposite nature to the Creator or even from the fear of a greater pain, I will be careful and begin to behave so as to not get into a confrontation with Him. It is worth doing even if it comes from egoistic motives, for your own sake.

However, if I use all of these states for the sake of reaching bestowal and I take up His hint, a soft warning, as a reminder about my uncorrected state, then I can turn it to the direction of bestowal. The question is only how much of my own fear, my own desire to direct it towards bestowal can I add to His light warning.

In other words, everything depends on my state. Perhaps I am ready to run immediately and search for correction with all of my strength, to unite with others, to study, and to attract the Light that Reforms as if I have gotten into a terrible misfortune. And perhaps I think that it is not so dreadful: Something is not working out; maybe I am tired or sick, and I can do something else instead of correction for now.

By doing this, I am stretching time and attracting even greater misfortunes upon myself because I am unable to wake up from a light hint. As a result, we suffer twice as much: both from the stretching of time and from heavier blows. This will continue until the situation worsens so much that it will simply force me to move from my position. However, how much time would I lose in vain and how much would I suffer? How much would I have to work on myself in order to come out of this state?

Each time, my state is lower and lower, further away from the spiritual world. That is why the work from the side of the environment is needed here in order for us to awaken in each other the ability to perceive and sense the calls that we hear every day, each moment.

You have to hear how the Creator is appealing to you, how He is constantly warning you to awaken, whispering something in your ear. You constantly have to try to listen to it, and then inside of you, you will develop a sensitivity to His language, to the way He works inside of you, and awakens you to the “thickness of a hair,” as it is said. No more is necessary!

A righteous person perceives this thin piece of hair as if it were a thick and heavy pillar. This is how much importance he gives it. Everything depends on our sensitivity.

To increase one’s mind means to increase one’s sensitivity in order to perceive more and deeper. We do not perceive the spiritual world precisely because it is too subtle for us. It is as if it is slipping away from our coarse organs of perception. However, as a result of such exercises, we will begin to pick up and to feel the spiritual reality.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/2011, Shamati #9

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