The Doctor That Cures You Of Egoism

Dr. Michael LaitmanQuestion: How do I free my heart of egoism so that the Creator reigns there?

Answer: We can’t do anything on our own—this should be clear to everyone. Of this it is written: “Turn to the Master that has made me!” Our work isn’t about correcting ourselves, but about studying the process of correction, realizing its necessity and our own corruption, and then asking for correction.

The “doctor for all the broken hearts” is the Creator, not us. Therefore, we need only to reveal our breaking, either via the study and unification or via the path of suffering. The latter would include the kind of bombardment that hit the south of Israel in recent days, the financial crisis throughout the world, and waves of unrest that have befallen many countries.

Any problems related to health, whether general or particular, down to the smallest one, all stem from a lack of correction. There is no other cause but this. And if we awaken from the lightest sting from Above and can advance thanks to it, we thank the Creator for such an awakening and don’t require stronger blows.

It is written that “the Creator carps at the righteous at a hair’s width.” This means that they take the tiniest problem, connect it to the root, and realize that it comes from Above. This sensitive approach to all incoming sensations is enough for them to begin the correction and advance.

But if we don’t pay attention to the small hints that get sent from Above, the scenario is like a mother that gently wants to teach something to her little child, but he doesn’t pay attention to her. She is forced to pressure him harder and harder, and sometimes even spank him, to get the right reaction out of him.

Indeed, the ego needs to be cautioned somehow so that it would hurt. And we need to add even a tiny bit of heartache from ourselves to compel us to be careful since we are working against our egoistic desire.
From the 1st part of the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 8/21/2011, Shamati #9

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