Alienated Youths Are To Blame For The Riots

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News (from “Tony Blair yesterday took a swipe at David Cameron’s ‘muddle-headed’ handling of the fallout from the riots. The former Prime Minister suggested Mr. Cameron was wrong to blame the riots on a general ‘moral decline’ in Britain.…

“Mr Cameron said last week that he was determined to tackle a ‘slow-motion moral collapse’ and mend Britain’s ‘broken society.’

“Mr Blair suggested the Prime Minister was wrong to order a review of all social policy in the wake of the riots. ‘Focus on the specific problem and we can begin on a proper solution,’ Mr Blair said in an article in the Observer. ‘Elevate this into a high-falutin’ wail about a Britain that has lost its way morally and we will depress ourselves unnecessarily, trash our own reputation abroad, and worst of all, miss the chance to deal with the problem in the only way that will work.’…

“The ‘big cause,’ Mr Blair said, lay with alienated youths from dysfunctional families living outside ‘any canons of proper behaviour’ – a phenomenon affecting most modern societies in the developed world.”

My Comment: The pride for their country, which they habitually call Great Britain, is praiseworthy. But let us ask, who but the government turned newborns into such youths, who educated them in that way? A person is a complete reflection of his environment.

If you do not care about what affects a person, then according to his nature, he will choose the worst. Our future depends only on our own upbringing and that of our children! (See the article “The Freedom“)

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