Love Above All Differences

Dr. Michael LaitmanIt is written, “Love will cover all sins.” This implies that love is impossible without “sins” and without working on them. Our relationships with one another should be approached with wisdom, knowing that forms of communication are always composed of deficiencies and fulfillment. Therefore, we must strive to love and not give up when we discover hatred along the way! This is a very good thing if we know and understand that this is a way to advance. Then we unveil the truth – followed by love, to the extent of the force of our hatred. Mount Sinai (the mountain of hate) becomes the holy mountain, Mount Moriah.

This is why the soul was divided into so many parts, so many people. Even if you live in some remote area and are cut-off from people, you still have a connection with someone, even a virtual one, and that means you can work on this as well. After all, only Kabbalists, who have spiritual attainment, can work directly in relation to the Creator, whereas you still need some external image that is outside of you so it would repel you and you would be in contact with it to make your calculations.

This cannot be a family member, such as your child or wife. It has to be a person who isn’t related to you by any pre-existing, natural ties. Then you will be required to develop forms of connection with him that will be filled with hate and over it – love. Therefore, we need to achieve the connection, the mutual guarantee above all the differences. Love can only be built over hatred. Bring all of your desires there, all of your demands, and all of your arguments. We must accept all of these conditions that have unfolded and are yet to unfold as given from Above!

Let people of all walks of life and political views get together: left, right, religious and secular, with all their stereotypes and misconceptions, because this is what we received from Above. The Creator placed us in such conditions that above them we can discover reciprocity, connection, and guarantee, but we can only do it together, by supporting each other. With this connection, we construct an organism that can survive forever.

We do not erase a single property or flaw that each of us was born with. Let everyone come with all of their errors and transgressions. We are concerned with only one thing: How to bond together under one roof, under the dome of love for one’s neighbor as for oneself, so that love would cover all sins.

I look at it as a part of the Creator and the creation given to me from Above, where my task is to simply connect them all. The Creator is always sending me obstacles, revealing a new degree of hatred, rejection, and disagreement. But above it all, I keep expanding and cultivating my love, thereby ascending the steps of the spiritual ladder.

Therefore, without destruction, without the 9th of Av, it is impossible to reach the Day of Love, the 15th of Av.
From the lesson on 8/15/11, Selected passages on the Day of Love

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Protesters With No Demands

Dr. Michael LaitmanIn the News: “Knesset Deputy F. Kirshenbaum accused members of the social protest in Israel of being irresponsible. ‘Because they cannot articulate their demands clearly, they continue to add newer and newer demands. I sympathize with the protesters, but their demands are not unified. If we don’t formulate a united plan, new demands will only keep piling up.’”

My Comment: The answer is clear to everyone: The protesters have no plan and no demands except to annul the government and then the state! This refers only to the far left protesters who do not want to talk to anyone, who demand the whole government to resign immediately, and who want to hold court over the head of the state.

Starting to breaking things without having a plan of how to build a “fair” society that’s endorsed by all the people—this kind of approach indicates an agenda to destroy rather than to reform. In any case, the decision is made by the people’s vote, not pogroms.

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A False Bottomed “Festival”

Reader’s feedback: The article, “The Israeli Summer: A Real Threat” proved to be prophetic. This is confirmed by today’s news report that a group of 60 (!) professors “spontaneously” got organized into committees and subcommittees, and journalists quickly named this group “the government,” (incidentally, as it were) who will advise the demonstrators. Then, just as “spontaneously,” this group organized a press conference with journalists.

It is obvious that these people’s work is well-paid and that someone has put tremendous organizational efforts into it. Clearly, someone is managing the riot and investing a lot of money in it, such as paying for buses to make trips to various cities and back, bringing people to the concerts of famous, extremely expensive singers, delivering food to the protesters, providing portable toilets, banners, and much more.

Besides, the protest leaders are discussing plans for one or two months ahead. For example, in a recent interview, it was stated that a shuttle service is already scheduled to bring people to the protests and there will be special groups to entertain the children to make it easier for parents to join the demonstrations.

As to the question of who is paying for these events, the answer was that everything is being done on a voluntary basis. The bus companies have supposedly agreed to provide free rides, thus contributing to social justice. But everybody knows the cost of renting a 50-seat bus for a day—so there’s no need to explain anything to anyone.

The other day I received a video about George Soros and groups he has sponsored to export revolutions. It gave a clear demonstration of the five stages of a revolution’s development: Creating an atmosphere of protest, forming a shadow cabinet, taking control of the existing media or creating one’s own, and finally—seizing power.

I have no illusions regarding the current deputies and ministers. I do not expect any miracles from them. But the problem is that the aim of Soros’ revolutions is to cast countries into chaos, as was done to Yugoslavia (which collapsed and its fragments are still struggling for existence), The Ukraine (where the former leaders are on trial while the country is ruled by anarchy), the Arab countries (in Egypt, protests continue, while in Syria—Assad desperately tries to retain power), and so on.

There is no need to explain what fate awaits Israel in case of anarchy, considering that it is surrounded by enemies. It can take just a few months to squander the budget and make the country bankrupt under the cover of “social justice.” And then they’ll say, “Game over, guys.”

Unfortunately, those who call the tune possess enormous resources, experience, and an action plan. And the people of Israel don’t seem to realize the danger yet. The current political establishment has missed the moment, and it’s in for trouble. As always, the people in trouble are left to themselves, so it all depends on how well we will get organized and pull the nation out of this drunken festival by making it aware of its own strength and of its desire to get “free goodies.”

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At The Threshold Of Eternity

Dr. Michael LaitmanWe have to create a society that will let all the people in the world move correctly into tomorrow. Otherwise, we will not survive. We see what is happening today, especially in developed countries. And the rest are rapidly approaching them. People are starting to feeling that “there is no tomorrow.” But in fact, this is a wonderful state where we are egoistically breaking away from the past and are entering a neutral state, like being “in limbo.”

Now is exactly the time to show people the following system of relationships that will lead us into the feeling of a completely different state. We are entering the next stage of our development. Just as we evolved from monkeys and gradually developed within our animate state, similarly, today we are beginning to develop within our inner, human state.

Today we are rising to the level called “Adam”—a human being, who is similar to the Upper Force of nature. This force wants to teach us to become integral with it, and that is why this crisis is global and integral.

We have to become similar to nature. By accomplishing this, we begin to understand the internal mechanism that drives us. The inner program of nature is taking us toward a specific goal, while we are not even aware of it. We die without knowing what we lived for. We are born and do not know where and why. We do things instinctively because nature forces us to do them, and nothing more.

In reality, there is a whole program of actions, a causal relationship! Every part of nature has a cause, consequence, and goal. Nothing exists without a purpose. And likewise, we do not exist pointlessly either. We can see this because nature is now raising us to this level now—to the next level of development.

At the current level, we are still just realizing our animate egoism in which we were created and which develops in us. By ascending to the next level, which is global and integral, and becoming globally connected with nature, by changing ourselves in accordance with it, we gradually start perceiving the inner mechanism, the internal thought of the Upper Force of nature. As astrophysics say, the entire universe is a thought. When a person becomes conscious of it, he begins to feel eternity.

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Kabbalists On Spiritual Work In The Group, Part 11

Dr. Michael LaitmanDear Friends, please ask questions about these passages from the great Kabbalists. The commentaries in brackets are mine.

The Power of Bonding

However, by assembling a few people who agree that they have to achieve love of others, when they annul themselves before one another, they are all intermingled. Thus, in each person there accumulates a great force, according to the size of the society. And then they can execute the love of others in actual fact.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “According to What Is Explained Concerning ‘Love Thy Friend as Thyself’”

The greater the number of the collective, the more effective is the power of the collective. In other words, they produce a stronger atmosphere of greatness and importance of the Creator.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “The Agenda of the Assembly”

A person has a desire for spirituality within him, but his own desire is probably not big enough for him not to need to enhance it so he can work with it to obtain the spiritual goal. …This is done by bonding with people whom he sees that also have a need for spirituality. This way, in addition to the desire that he has from within, he receives a desire for spirituality that they beget in him, and then he acquires a great desire with which he can reach the goal.
– The Rabash, Rabash—the Social Writings, “Mighty Rock of My Salvation”

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Daily Kabbalah Lesson – 08.18.11

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