Two Ranges Of Kabbalistic Broadcast

Dr. Michael LaitmanThe world is gradually being submerged into the global crisis; however, a simple person, the so-called law-abiding citizen, does not feel it. He does not see more than he is being shown at the given time. So, how do we reach them?

The wisdom of Kabbalah delivers results on two levels:

First of all, it is the attainment of the Creator, in the process of which we discover the eternal and perfect force. We merge with it as we reveal it, and in doing so, we save ourselves from the angel of death; we become like the Creator.

As I acquire this similarity, I no longer feel like I pertain to something finite and imperfect. Now, I belong to Him, even if it is only in the way that semen attaches itself to the wall of the womb. Now, I am in Him. Now, I am on a higher degree than this world. I have attained eternity, perfection, harmony, and freedom.

Second of all, in this corporeal life, I receive a method that allows me to escape misfortunes that gradually come closer and manifest in the world. In reality, I greatly depend on others on the level of this world. For this reason, I cannot guarantee that studying Kabbalah will make me feel comfortable. This is because here I exist in a common network that connects everyone.

However, I benefit a great deal on the corporeal level in things like childhood education and my personal attitude toward life. Kabbalah really helps me in the areas where I can personally influence my life, almost independently from others.

In this way, I am provided with advantages that I can feel even during the first years of studying. I can educate my children better, and I understand life better than others. Yet, the key element is my attainment of the Creator. This is “freedom from the angel of death.”

Naturally, it is easier to remain “Shimon from the market,” to sell watermelons, watch soccer at night while drinking beer, and be absolutely blind to anything else. What are the plans, demands, and dreams of such a person? Heaven for him is an infinite number of hamburgers on the grill in front of a huge plasma screen where his team always wins: His eyes on the screen, the hand automatically kindles the flame. We cannot explain anything to a person like this. He is tuned to a different wave length.

Kabbalah “broadcasts” in two ranges: One for those who strive toward the meaning of life and are able to take a new understanding of life from it. The second is also a treasure because a person begins to see the world more deeply and discover the mechanisms that drive it, the connections stretching through it. He sees people’s customs and manners, the nature of the universe, the flow of evolution, and the scale of priorities. You reveal to him our world, the global system, and he begins to understand the principles according to which it operates.

This is a very valuable gift. A person off the street is unable to understand what is happening, but here, he suddenly begins to connect one thing with another, and separate pieces come together into a nice image before him. He reveals the world where he lives and the journey that has brought humanity to the current state.

He did not understand these things until now. He was living behind a curtain: “This is my house, this is my job, my food, and my bedroom.” Now, the person opens his eyes even before he really begins to think about the purpose and the Creator. This is how he becomes a human on the level of this world.
From the Daily Kabbalah Lesson 5/13/2011, Ramchal’s “The Wisdom Article”

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